Xtenzi Replacement Radio Removal Key Compatible with Pioneer and JVC Navigation and DVD In dash Radio

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Key Features

  • Designed  for the removal of your head units from your vehicle to allow for the installation of an aftermarket or replacement car audio head unit
  • Compatible with most double din models
  • The removal Keys are sold in pairs and package will include 2 keys

Product Description:

The car stereo radio removal keys by Xtenzi is designed  for the removal of your head units from your vehicle to allow for the installation of an aftermarket or replacement car audio head unit. Removing your radio without the correct release keys can be very difficult and even damage your unit. It is important to make sure that you purchase the correct stereo/radio removal keys for your car by firstly checking to see if your make, model and year of car is listed in the advert. Secondly by checking to see if the connection in the picture listed is the same as you have in your vehicle.

The removal Keys are sold in pairs. Simply remove the radio trim ring and slide these keys into the slots on the left and right side (between the radio and the cage). Left and Right will be indicated on the keys. Then simply pull up and forward for the radio to unlock and slide out. The Xtenzi removal keys are made with great quality and durability so removing head units can be as quick and easy as 1, 2, 3.



Compatible with the following JVC Radio Models




Compatible with the following  Pioneer Radio Models:

CNC5395,CND3707,QNC3021, KD-A305 KD-A605 KD-A805 KD-ABT22 KD-ADV38 KD-ADV49 KD-ADV5380 KD-ADV5490 KD-ADV5580 KD-ADV6270 KD-ADV6580 KD-ADV7380 KD-ADV7490 KD-ADV8490 KD-AHD39 KD-AHD59 KD-APD49 KD-APD58 KD-APD89 KD-AR200 KD-AR260 KD-AR270 KD-AR300 KD-AR3000 KD-AR360 KD-AR370 KD-AR390 KD-AR400 KD-AR470 KD-AR480 KD-AR5500 KD-AR560 KD-AR600 KD-AR7000 KD-AR7500 KD-AR760 KD-AR780 KD-AR800 KD-AR8500 KD-AR860 KD-AR870 KD-AR880 KD-AR960 KD-AVX11 KD-AVX33 KD-AVX40 KD-AVX44 KD-AVX77 KD-BT1 KD-BT11 KD-DV5100 KD-DV5300 KD-DV5400 KD-DV5500 KD-DV6200 KD-DV7300 KD-DV7400 KD-G110 KD-G120 KD-G120R KD-G140 KD-G200 KD-G210 KD-G220 KD-G230 KD-G240 KD-G300 KD-G310 KD-G320 KD-G340 KD-G400 KD-G420 KD-G430 KD-G440 KD-G510 KD-G700 KD-G710 KD-G730 KD-G800 KD-G820 KD-G830 KD-HDR20 KD-HDR30 KD-HDR50 KD-LH300 KD-LH810 KD-LH910 KD-LHX550 KD-NX5000 KD-NXD505 KD-PDR40 KD-PDR50 KD-PDR80 KD-R200 KD-R208 KD-R210 KD-R300 KD-R400 KD-R600 KD-R800 KD-R900 KD-S10 KD-S100 KD-S11 KD-S12 KD-S14 KD-S15 KD-S16 KD-S20 KD-S24 KD-S25 KD-S26 KD-S30 KD-S31 KD-S32 KD-S34 KD-S35 KD-S36 KD-S45 KD-S5050 KD-S51 KD-S52 KD-SC500 KD-SH1000 KD-SHX700 KD-SHX750 KD-SHX850 KD-SHX900 





1- Year Limited Seller Warranty