Xtenzi MDI AUX MMI Cable Adapter iPhone/iPod audio/video unilink stereo radio CD changer port MP3 for Sony

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Sony Unilink adapter allows you to connect an auxiliary source (iPod, MP3 player, etc) to a Sony car stereo that lacks the Aux Lite feature. It plugs into any Sony stereo with CD/MD changer controls, activating the audio input jacks. When you select the CD/MD changer as the source, you can listen to any auxiliary source that's connected to the stereo's RCA inputs.

This cable makes it appear that a CD changer is connected to the Unilink connection on a Sony head unit with CD changer controls. By making it appear that a CD changer is connected to the Unilink input, the audio from an auxiliary source, such as a portable MP3 player, can be fed into the BUS AUDIO RCA inputs of the head unit. If your Sony head unit has the Aux Lite feature, this adapter isn't needed to input audio from an auxiliary audio source. When this adapter is used, a Sony CD changer cannot be connected to the head unit.

Compatible with Sony UniLink head-units that are changer controllers that use a DIN cable as well as RCA inputs for its CD changer connections. For proper functionality, the head unit must also be "Sat Ready" and support scrolling text. Please check your SONY stereo before buying.

Notes: One end of the adapter is terminated with a right angle Unilink connector, and the other end is terminated with a small box with circuitry that allows the BUS AUDIO RCA connections to be used as an AUX input.


Plug in this adapter to the CD changer port on SONY
Plug in RCA to AUX IN behind your SONY
Connect the 3.5mm male jack to the earphone jack on the external device

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