Xtenzi Aux 3.5mm or Mp3 input underdash cable kit Extension socket In Car Marine Dashboard Flush Mount Lead Cable Mounting Panel , 1 Meter

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Xtenzi In car dashboard flush mount 3.5mm 1/8 AUX extension lead cable

Premium quality multi use and multi mount mountable Aux 3.5mm extension This handy mountable 3.5mm ( 1/8 ) extension can be used to either provide a flush mounted 3.5mm on your dash or other surface. Alternatively, use the provided bracket to mount on any suitable surface. This 3.5mm extension mount is designed for in car use and is compatible with any car stereo Boat or Bike equipped with a 3.5mm Aux Input.

•    Works with vehicles with 3.5mm AUX Input
•    Designed for in car but can be used for any application
•    Use an existing hole or cut a hole in your dashboard and clip in the socket to flush mount it to your vehicle's dash.
•    Bracket included to allow mounting of socket on your car's dashboard.
•    Approx 1m long cable
•    Can be plugged into any car stereo equipped with a AUX input.
•    Mounting options -
1) Flush mount the socket to your dashboard or other surface -
2) Mount to dash using the bracket and screws (screws not included)

One year