Xtenzi 2 Pair Speaker Harness Set for Toyota, Scion & Other Vehicles

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Key Features:

  • Xtenzi 2 Pair Speaker Wiring Harness Toyota, Scion, Lexus, Mitsubishi , Hyundai, Pontiac and Mitsubishi vehicles
  • Connects speakers to factory harness
  • 2 Pair(4Harnesses) set to connect 4 speakers in the car
  • Contains Premium Quality terminals, providing a secure connection between the terminals and the connector
  • 1 -Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Item Description:

The Xtenzi premium quality universal speaker to car speaker harness allows the installer to connect aftermarket speakers to the vehicle's factory harness without the need to cut or splice the factory wires. The precision hand assembled terminals are pressure-inserted into the plug making it virtually impossible to pull a wire out. The speaker harness features two female quick-slide connectors on one end to attach directly to your new aftermarket car speakers and a proprietary Molex connector on the other end that connects to your vehicle's factory speaker plug. With top quality design features don’t settle for anything less than Xtenzi.

Technical Specifications:

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Brand Name: Xtenzi

Wire length: 6 ¾ Inches

Car Audio Industry Reference/Alternate Part Numbers:

Scosche : SHGM01B

Compatible with the following Vehicles:

Type Model



 2003-2008 Tiburon(FRONT SPEAKER ONLY)


1998-2000 Amigo    

1995.5- 1997 Rodeo    

Lexus 2001-2005 IS 300      

2007-2012 Galant (with manual climate controls)

2007-2012 Galant (with automatic climate controls)

2004-2006 Galant (with manual climate controls)  

2004-2006 Galant (with automatic climate controls)

2008-2012 Lancer 

Pontiac 2003-2008 Vibe  

2013-2013 FRS        

2012-2012 SCION   iQ  

2005-2012 SCION   tC  

2004-2006 SCION   xA  

2004-2012 SCION   xB 

2008-2013 SCION   xD  

2013-2013 SUBARU BRZ  


2002-2006 Camry

2002-2006 Camry with factory NAV

1997-2001 Camry Sedan  

1992-1996 Camry DX Sedan

1992-1996 Camry LE Sedan

2000-2003 Camry Solara

1999-2003 Camry Solara

1992-1996 Camry Wagon

2000-2005 Celica

1990-1993 Celica 

1993-2008 Corolla

1993-1993 Corolla 4 DR/Wagon

2001-2012 Highlander

2003-2008 Matrix

 1987-1995 MR2  

2003-2009 4 Runner wo/ RDS JBL radio

2003-2009 4 Runner w/ RDS JBL radio

1996-2002 4 Runner

1992-1995 Pickup/4 Runner

2013-2013 Sequoia with OE NAV  

2003-2013 Sequoia

1999-2003 Solara

1993-1998 T100    

2012 Tacoma (gloss dash)

2012 Tacoma (matte black dash)

1995-2011 Tacoma

2006-2013 Tundra

2004-2005 Tundra Double Cab (four door)  

2004-2005 Tundra Access Cab/ reg cab

2003-2003 Tundra

2009-2012 Venza

2007-2013 Yaris 

2007-2008 Yaris with Power Package option

What is Included within the Package:

Two Pairs of Identical Speaker Harnesses (Total of Four Speaker Harnesses)

1 - Year Limited Seller Warranty